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Plant Tissue Testing

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Why is it important?

Plant Tissue Tests can help identify if an essential nutrient in the plant is within the expected normal sufficiency range for that particular stage of growth during the season. This offers the opportunity to address the deficient nutrients during the growing season, or elect to adjust next season's fertility program.

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A&L's Plant Monitoring Program (PMP)

What a tissue sample does not tell you is where the plant will be nutritionally in the future. That is why we recommend the A&L Plant Monitoring Program (PMP) - taking and tracking multiple tissue samples throughout the year prior to critical plant growth stages to monitor nutrient levels over time.

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A&L Plant Monitoring Program (PMP)

"Great service to learn the timing and nutrient demands throughout the growing season."

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PRECISION AG:  TerraSiteRx Data Analysis Platform:

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2. Algorithms from Remote Imaging for: Crop Health Report - MNDVI, Crop Stress, Crop Damage, Plant Stand Count / Plant Density, Biomass Targeted Zone Sampling and more

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