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Soil Testing and Analysis

Soil Testing FAQs

Soil Sampling FAQs 

How do I take a sample?

  • Take 10 to 20 soil cores or shovel scoops from a depth of 0-6 inches and mix in a plastic bucket

  • Empty bucket into A&L provided soil bag and fill to sample line

  • Different depths are sometimes needed depending on the crop and nutrient to be analyzed

  • Label bag and submission sheet with desired sample name

How do I take a sample? Nematodes in Soil

  • Collect 10 to 20 cores from a depth of 0-6 inches in depth

  • Dump cores into a bucket and mix thoroughly 

  • Place two cups of mixed soil in a soil sampling bag or plastic zippered bag and label with permanent marker

  • Label bag clearly with nematode analysis

  • Store in a cool, dark place until shipped to soil lab (nematodes soils must remain damp and cannot dry out)

How much do I need?

Approximately 2 cups - If additional analysis is required such as texture or VitTellus® Soil Health and VitTellus Bio℠, please fill the bag

How do I send a sample?

  • Please label all bags and containers with grower information and sample ID

  • Paperwork should be included with all samples

  • Submission paperwork can be found on

  • Samples can be dropped off Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm. After hours, samples can be placed in the plastic shed located between buildings

  • Samples can also be shipped via courier to 2136 Jetstream Rd, London, ON N5V 3P5

Do I need to do anything special to the sample for shipping?

Soils can be left to air dry unless you are sampling for nematodes. Wet samples can be placed in Ziplock bags along with the submission sheets to preserve labels and paperwork

Nematodes in Soil

Nematode soils should be kept moist. Coolers and ice packs can be used to reduce evaporation during shipping

How long will it take to get my results?

Soil samples are completed within 3 business days of the lab receives the samples

How can I access my previous tests?

  • Results are emailed to email contacts on the account submitting the sample

  • Previous results can be accessed through the Dataweb using your account number

  • Recommendations can also be changed on the Dataweb

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