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Plant Tissue Testing and Analysis

Tissue Testing FAQs

Tissue Testing FAQs 

How do I take a sample?

  • Ensure with grower that the field is safe to enter

  • With clean hands & a sample bag - walk into the field a few hundred metres 

  • Flag or GPS locate the sampling area as to be able to return later

  • Record growth stage of crop on submission form

  • Begin collecting leaf samples from a representative area NOTE: Morning is best to prevent heat stress. Be sure to take samples at the same time of day & weather if trying to compare results before & after application(s)

  • Collect leaves or petioles from 15 to 30 plants depending on the crop 

  • AVOID irregularities such as high or low areas of the field - OR, take separate samples from these areas

  • Collect the most recently mature leaves or the whole plant without the roots if in early growth stages Ensure different application/seeding areas are sampled separately

  • If a poor area of a field is being investigated for deficiencies remember to take a sample from a good area as well to compare results with the poor area

How much sample is needed?

  • Approximately 2 cups of leaves or a large paper bag

  • Most analysis require a minimum of 2 grams of dried & ground 

How do I send a sample?

  • A&L has small & large paper bags available at the customers request however, any paper bag is acceptable

  • Please only use paper to store tissue samples otherwise samples decompose, & analysis can be compromised (do not use plastic bags)

  • Please label all bags & containers with grower information & sample ID

  • Paperwork should be included with all samples

  • Submission paperwork can be found on

  • Please label all bags and containers with grower information and sample ID

  • Paperwork should be included with all samples

  • Submission paperwork can be found on

  • Samples can be dropped off Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm. After hours, samples can be placed in the plastic shed located between buildings

  • Samples can also be shipped via courier to 2136 Jetstream Rd, London, ON N5V 3P5

How long will it take to get my results?

Tissue sample results are completed within 1 business day of being received at the lab

How can I access my previous tests?

  • Results are emailed to email contacts on the account submitting the sample

  • Previous results can be accessed through the Dataweb using your account number

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